Dr. Dzem paints your gnarliest jumps, gaps, step-ups, step-downs, tables, berms, and all that other junk.

Dude, I just like two things: MTB, and painting MTB. Quit my job, Bought bikes, and am now making a living painting gnarly jumps. Would love to see your images for me to paint!

Gnarliness guaranteed. Dr. Dzem

what do i do?

Dr. Dzem does MTB art. Good MTB Art. You like.

When I am not biking, I paint biking. MTB. I have a full studio, and need to paint more. So send me your pics, and I will paint it. If you like, you can buy. Just a way to enjoy the sport when we can't shred, man. 

You ride, I ride, we take pictures. I paint. 

During the cold winter months, I couldn't ride. Decided to start drawing. four years later, my studio is full. Help me empty the Atelier!


I paint with markers, oil pastels, acrylic, and anything else I can get my hands on. I personalize images, if you send me a nice one. Perfect present for your epic rider-friends.


In addition to paintings, nice small drawings in black and white, or in color. Less expensive!  


Coffee cups, coloring books, t-shirts, posters. Everything MTB, everything Dzem!

My junk is gnarly

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This is more junk

Fine Junk, and stuff

Shreddy on canvas

Here you see my magic at work. 

Nice shirt, no?

I like to wear this shirt on special days.

And more. If you have any music, please send me some....

Who is dr. Dzem?

I am a MTBer who paints. When I ride--usually somewhere between Leogang, Green Hill, and Czarna Góra--with my biking allies. You can follow us on Instagram, too. @drdz_em

Happy to show you around my spots, too. Just contact me. I can act as a tour guide or as a path guide, and speak the languages of Central Europe.

Don't keep the artist waiting! 
Visit me, 
or send me a pic.
Ride on!

Where in the world?

Just call, and I will be there. 

Contact me

Live in the woods. Hard to find, but nice jumps and trails.

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